Jag Bhawan, MD

Title: Professor of Dermatology and Pathology, BUSM
Head of the Dermatopathology Section, Boston University School of Medicine.
Vice-Chair, Department of Dermatology, BUSM
Director, International Dermatopathology training program
Director, Skin Pathology Laboratory.

Dermatopathology Fellowship: St Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA

Board Certifications: Anatomic Pathology, Dermatopathology, Dermatology

Background: Jag Bhawan received his M.D. degree from Maulana Azad Medical College (1968) and a doctorate degree in Pathology from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India (1972). He trained in Pathology and Dermatopathology at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA (1973-75), prior to joining the University of Massachusetts Medical School as the head of Dermatopathology and Assistant Professor of Pathology (1975). He was promoted to the rank of tenured professor in 1985. He also trained in Dermatology at the combined Boston University/Tufts Dermatology program (1980-83) before joining the faculty of Boston University in 1986. He has published over 200 original articles, written several book chapters and co-authored an interactive dermatopathology atlas on CD-ROM. Jag Bhawan serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Dermatopathology and is a trustee of the Dermatology Foundation. He has helped create two endowed professorships and two endowed international training fellowships in dermatopathology at Boston University School of Medicine. He also served as the Program director of the dermatopathology fellowship program from 1987 to 2010.

Special interests: Melanocytic lesions, Squmaous epithelial neoplasms and pigmentary disorders

Research Interests: "I am interested in wound healing, disorders of pigmentation , photoaging, and cutaneous neves in health & disease."

Select Publications:

1. Bhawan J, Wolff SM, Ucci AA, Bhan AK. Malignant lymphoma and malignant angioendotheliomatosis: one disease. Cancer 1985; 55:570-576.

2. Kanik AB, Yaar M, Bhawan J. p75 nerve growth factor receptor staining helps identify desmoplastic and neurotropic melanoma. J Cutan Pathol 1996; 23(3):205-210.

3. Bhawan J. Short- and long-term histologic effects of topical tretinoin on photodamaged skin. Int J Dermatol 1998; 37(4): 286-292..

4. Bhawan J, Grimes P, Pandya A, Keady M, Byers H, Guevara I, Colon L, Johnson L, Gottschalk R. A Histological Examination for Skin Atrophy After 6 Months of Treatment With Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.06% Hydroquinone 4%, and Tretinoin 6.06% Cream. Am J Dermatopathol. 2009; 8: 794-798.

5. Novak P, Marya NB, Whren K, Bhawan J.Dermal Sheet Preparations in the Evaluation of dermal innervation in Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy. J Cutan Pathol. 2009;36:296-301

Select Awards/Honors:
2009: Member of The Chester S. Keefer, MD Society, BUSM
2008: Founders award, American Society of Dermatopathology
2006: Walter Nickel award for Excellence in teaching of Dermatopathology, American Society of Dermatopathology
2001-2: President, American Society of Dermatopathology
1998: Teacher of the Year award from the dermatology residents of the combined Boston-Tufts Universities Dermatology program

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